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Trust in Microsoft Security

Over the past few years, Microsoft has changed the security landscape for Midmarket firms. Enterprise-grade security is now, both, accessible and affordable. We recommend that organisations take a ‘Microsoft First’ approach to security and compliance. Quite simply, this means better understanding and better leveraging any existing Microsoft investment or subscription that you already have before you buy and bolt-on any further third-party products.

Microsoft is now investing more into security than any other security vendor.

Only Microsoft offers a truly integrated, end-to-end comprehensive solution which natively connects the systems you have and is investing $20bn into security. Microsoft may be the largest security solutions provider you have never considered – until now.

  • Microsoft is now a leading and credible security vendor, leading in four Gartner Magic Security Quadrants.

  • A decision to consider Microsoft for security is a future-proof decision.

  • You already likely own, and are paying for, security features that are simply not configured.

  • Your users and support teams will thank you for not having to learn yet another product.

  • Scalability

Winning with a Microsoft First approach

“Softwerx supported our ‘Microsoft First’ journey by helping us to align our commercial strategy with Microsoft’s technology stack. Thanks to this, we’ve streamlined security, reduced vendor overlap and realised concrete security gains including a 40%+ increase in our Microsoft Secure Score posture.”

Peter Messervy-Gross

Chief Information Officer, Altum Group


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