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1. Microsoft Discovery Workshop

Book your FREE half-day Microsoft Discovery Workshop with a qualified Microsoft Consultant to understand how your business can better leverage your existing Microsoft investment. Discovery Workshops can be undertaken at your offices, or via a one-to-one webinar.


Register for yours using the link above or book now by calling us on 01223 834 333 or send an email to info@softwerx.com.

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2. Learn

You might already be an expert but the cyber security landscape is always changing. It can be a challenge to keep up to date. If you feel that you already have a good understanding and you are comfortable with your Microsoft deployment, why not double-check your thinking?

Watch our highly acclaimed Microsoft 365 Security Webinar.



3. Get Support

Our core business is Microsoft cloud security, and we have over twenty years of Microsoft infrastructure knowledge.

Whether you just looking for some basic advice, or some deeper complementary support software, please feel free to browse all of our Microsoft Support Services.



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Keep up to speed with everything Microsoft cloud security and compliance by joining our Microsoft Cloud Security Community including a monthly newsletter and access to join the Microsoft Cloud Security Forum on LinkedIn.

It costs nothing and we’ll make sure that you stay ahead of the curve by getting you the latest information about Microsoft as soon as it is released.

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5. Top Gun

As part of our 2020 Apprenticeship Recruitment programme we are recruiting a cohort of new ‘Top Gun’ graduate apprentices to work in both our Digital Marketing function and Technical Delivery Teams.

Contact us via our contact page to learn more.

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