Digital Transformation for Businesses 

Far from being enhanced by their IT Systems and strategy, some businesses are constrained by their IT Systems.  Many businesses struggle to support a mobile workforce, are dependent on legacy-based, line-of-business systems and still work in a siloed basis.

Softwerx has many years of experience of helping businesses transform to become far more competitive, fleet-of-foot and focused. The last decade - and in particular the last five years has seen a paradigm shift in the IT industry.

The Cloud has changed the landscape in terms of flexibility and productivity, mobile is driving a socioeconomic change in the workplace demographic and social media is now a significant differentiator.

The future for forward-thinking businesses is much more about what the business is trying to achieve and the user experience. IT Systems have become ever more commoditised, available and affordable; the configuration, location and maintenance of IT is yesterday’s problem.

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