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GDPR is a new regulation that will come into force (law) in the UK next year, May 2018. It is a significant and serious update (replacement) for the current Data Protection Act and the penalties that can be imposed for contravening the regulation are formidable.

The principle drivers for GDPR are Individual Privacy and Unity around a common approach to data integrity and protection. GDPR is a comprehensive change to current legislation and covers all aspect of individual privacy, including key issues such as: Consent, Controlling and Processing Data, a Right to be Forgotten, Data Breaches and the requirement in some cases for the appointment of a Data Protection Officer.

What do you need to do?

Firstly, please do not ignore it. It’s not just for large Businesses. It doesn’t just relate to Consumers. It is Brexit-proof, as already confirmed by the UK Government. It will affect all Businesses controlling or processing data relating to (not necessarily within) the European Union.

The governing body in the UK (the Information Commissioners Office) is already very active in enforcing penalties against the current legislation. The Information Commissioner (Elizabeth Denham) has consistently expressed the need for positive change around data and individual privacy – and has promised to lead this change throughout the UK with GDPR i.e. will not hesitate to take punitive action where necessary.

How can we help?

GDPR is intrinsically entwined with your Cyber Security posture. By addressing your Cyber Security posture first, you can go a long way to addressing many of the new requirements within the Regulation. At Softwerx we can help you better understand GDPR; we can help you with GDPR Compliance at a practical level and perhaps most importantly, we can advise you on the key issues and quick wins around your Cyber Security.

What is GDPR?

Read our blog to find out about this new regulation coming into force as of May 2018.

GDPR Webinar

Our Free GDPR webinar will help you to understand the regulation and actions you can put in to place

GDPR Guide

Our GDPR Summary Guide will help you understand the key requirements and how to comply with the forthcoming GDPR regulation

GDPR Checklist

Our GDPR Checklist will help you understand what the real focus points for organisations over the coming months need to be considered and actioned

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