Microsoft Secure Score

The only enterprise-class dynamic report card for your Microsoft cyber security posture.

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What is Microsoft Secure Score?

Microsoft Secure score is a great place to start to better understand and improve your Microsoft security posture. Secure Score analyses your organisation’s Office 365 security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score.

Think of it as a credit score for security.

Anyone who has admin permissions (global admin or a custom admin role) for an Office 365 Business Premium or Enterprise subscription can access the Secure Score at

Secure Score figures out what Office 365 services you’re using (like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange) then looks at your settings and activities and compares them to a baseline established by Microsoft.

You’ll get a score based on how aligned you are with the best security practices.

How Can Microsoft Secure Score Help You?

Microsoft Secure Score is a solution that automatically rates how well you’re using security controls for Office 365 and now Windows 10. It makes it easy for you to discover and implement the security features and best practices that will advance your security posture.

By using Microsoft Secure Score, you can get assessments and recommendations that reduce your chance of a cyber breach by up to thirty times with steps like enforcing multifactor authentication for administrators and end users, and ensuring trusted access to the right applications.