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Softwerx joins 100 top security partners from across the world

Posted : 7 August 2023

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In May, Softwerx had the opportunity to join the Microsoft SMB Security Scholarship programme in Mallorca, Spain. The three-day advanced training event was exclusively offered to the 100 highest-performing Microsoft security partners from over a thousand partners.

The training delved into a comprehensive range of topics, starting with the groundwork of security within Critical Security Controls (CIS) and the NIST security framework as a baseline. It went on to cover features of Microsoft Business Premium and Defender for Business and advanced guidance on conditional access within a Zero Trust framework as well as a sneak-peek at Copilot for M365.

To cap things off, the training featured an ‘ask me anything’ slot, with some of Microsoft’s leading security experts and a partner panel.

Here is a list of Microsoft Security presenters:

  1. Parri Munsell – Senior Director Security Marketing
  2. Thomas Abel – Director, Microsoft 365 Business GTM at Microsoft
  3. David Bjurman-Birr – Security architect
  4. Ayse Ruya ALTAY, MBA – Director WW Security Partner Go To Market
  5. Fanta Kaba, MBA – Cyber Security Product Marketing Manager


Patrick Leckie, Marketing Manager at Softwerx, was one of the delegates. He commented, “This event provided a valuable opportunity to observe the Microsoft Security community in action, representing professionals from 20 countries around the world. To be surrounded by so many leaders in their fields was a huge blessing, and I learned a lot about Microsoft, security practices, and ways to enhance customer security. At Softwerx, we run a 24×7 Microsoft Security Operations Centre and the information I gained from the training will be used to further enhance our service. Thank you to Microsoft and the Softwerx team for making this possible.”

Softwerx is privileged to be part of the Microsoft Security journey and the progress that the technology has made over the years is inspirational. One of the highlights of the sessions was the discussion surrounding the much-anticipated Microsoft Security Copilot and Copilot for M365. To learn more about the latest developments in Copilot, sign up for Microsoft Inspire, which is happening in July.

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